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Comparative Customer Experience

You likely own Customer Experience Management tools for building actionable insights on your customers, but do you have the same visibility on your competitor?

You possibly perform occasionally drive test based benchmarks to gain visibility on your competition, but can you afford to do this continuously?


Fact Based Decision Making

You might use certain rules-of-thumb or your past experience in deciding where you should focus your network and marketing investments, but can you make fact based decisions against the real competitive market context?

Does your corporate sales team build their propositions mainly around price, or could you create more value based offers for your existing customers or new prospects.



Do you know what are the real bottlenecks for your service delivery? Is it your network? Is content placed in optimal places? Do some mobile devices cause problems?

Is your customer support equipped with this information?

Where should you invest to remove your current and predicted bottle necks?



We at Netradar have extensive data collection and analytics capabilities and have packaged all of this for mobile operators.


Operator Dashboard

Dashboard provides you all the insights on your market position as seen through eyes of consumers.

Netradar-heatmap interface gives easy access to essential data for marketing, technical, sales and customer support organizations.



Custom Insights

For advanced users we have developed custom insights reports to dig into specific details, which are important for your business.

Leverage Netradar mobile analytics for making optimal and fact based marketing and network investments.


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