Top mobile games: winner or loser?


Mobile gaming is a significant industry yet surprisingly fragmented. Global Games Market Report shows that mobile gaming industry accounts over 50% of gaming revenues. Moneywise the mobile gaming has grown to exceed all other entertainment on the go, even movies and music, accounting over 90% of application store revenues. Furthermore, the games are affecting the consumer decisions of mobile devices and their subscriptions.

To understand who takes the market, we made a study with sample of 200 000 mobile users to better understand the mobile gaming and consumer behavior. In this study 56% of the users had installed at least one mobile game in their phone. However only 5.3% had the most popular game, Candy Crush Saga. With the Soda version the popularity rises to 6.6%.  Even the 10 most popular games penetration together was under 28%.

The reasons are manifold. The mobile game supply is vast, our study found 2500 different games installed. Hype of the new games are very short lived, yet old games stay available. For game companies this is a challenging market but for application stores this seems lucrative.

No-one in mobile business should disregard the impact of mobile gaming but looking only the very few giants like Activision, Niantic or Supercell neglects the game as well.

With Netradar analytics you can shed light to the mobile world and turn this knowledge to your advantage.




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