We are a mobile analytics company. Our mission is to enable high-speed mobile internet connectivity for rich and poor alike. We will achieve this by helping mobile operators to make optimal and fact based marketing and network investments.

Our advanced mobile analytics stems from our global data on comparative customer experience. We will empower consumers to track and benchmark the quality of experience based on their unique usage patterns. We are working with selected mobile application developers to enhance their services by leveraging advanced analytics.


Foundations of Netradar originate from Finland’s Aalto University academic research. Lack of data on comparative mobile customer experience drove professor Jukka Manner and his team to develop unique ways to collect data and analyze it. The core technology is the work of professor Jukka Manner, Dr. Sebastian Sonntag and doctoral candidate Eren Boz. Since then, several doctoral theses have been made using and technology. First version of the service was released in 2012.

As the market for mobile analytics started to grow significantly, Jukka Manner, Tomi Paatsila and Sebastian Sonntag met up and discussed how this academic work could be commercialized, to help the industry more than university research itself. The mission of enabling high-speed mobile internet connectivity for rich and poor alike was agreed on and a company was founded around this technology in 2017.

Netradar was born.


Tomi Paatsila
CEO & Co-Founder
Tomi has extensive international experience within telecom industry as engagements with customers have brought him to over seventy countries. Having worked with product, services and solutions businesses, he is conversant in strategic, commercial and technical matters.
+358 44 5514400
Sebastian Sonntag
CTO & Co-Founder
Sebastian brings Netradar the agility, deep technical insights and execution orientation, which he has learned from founding and running multiple tech start-up companies. Sebastian is inventor of Netradar mobile measurement platform. He has a Doctor of Science degree in telecommunication from Aalto University.
+358 50 3020242
Jukka Manner
CRO & Co-Founder
Jukka has a solid track record from academic and business life within telecom and IT-industries. He ensures that Netradar platform leverages state of the art research done within mobile analytics domain. Jukka is also a Professor of networking technology at the Aalto University and Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki.
+358 50 5112973
Claudia Parm
Claudia has 20 years experience in International Marketing & Business Development. She has a Strong background in telecommunication, electronics, and consumer products. Born in Italy, she lived and worked in Germany, UK, Namibia and has since 2005 rooted herself in Finland. She is responsible for the Netradar Brand and Marketing strategy as well as New Business Development.
Sami Saarinen
Back-End developer

Sami Saarinen is experienced back-end developer. He is enthusiastic about startups and to be able to make an impact on the world. Sami is specialized in modern cloud services and his vision is entire planet-wide scalability. His hardworking and dedicated attitude makes the difference. He is the key mind behind our massive data analytics back-end.

Jaakko Pitkälä
Software developer

Jaakko is both passionate and he has eye for details. He's fully conversant in multiple programming languages. As avid gamer Jaakko knows the importance of connectivity. He is driven by concrete results.

Jemal Tahil
Software Developer
Decade long IT background developed both in Ethiopia and Finland. Jemal loves programming and he is passionate about newest programing languages and techniques. He is responsible of the complex Netradar backend environment.
Behzad Savabi
Software Developer
Behzad has been cooperating with Netradar for over 5 years on the visualization of the data by designing and developing the UI of the mobile application and the Netradar product range.