From Data Paralysis to Actionable Insights

Gartner published in September 2015 a maturity model giving data and analytics leaders a way to identify the level of development their BI and analytics

Study of churn

Churn, aka people switching mobile operators, is a major challenge for the industry. As we all know, acquiring new customers is much more costly than

Need vs. availability around Europe

In a past post, we looked at the network performance around Europe, and how often it matches the needs of end users. Let’s add a

Bottlenecks for service delivery

We often see comparisons of top or average speeds available in various countries and different operators. Yet, what speeds do people actually need from the

Outside-in instead of inside-out

Netradar insights blogs will highlight topical industry matters, raise questions and give perspectives on things which are not so often discussed in public domain. According

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