The Netradar Suite helps mobile operators and industry leaders in their quest to provide customers with a flawless mobile app experience, to increase customer retention, detect network anomalies as well as caring for your customers needs. Find below our top use-cases. 

Netradar Suite – our flagship product – is an end-to-end solution providing user-centric mobile experience data which is 100% actionable.

App Experience

Ensure a fluid in-app experience to your customers

Flawless performance of apps is important for customers. We monitor app experience and detect causes for poor performance. With our insights you gain visibility to app performance and popularity and can focus your actions and investments in areas which improve customer experience.

Monitor App Experience

Root Cause Analysis

Prioritize Actions

Trends in Apps Usage

Customer Care​

Offer superior customer care​​

With Netradar AI algorithms and performance history data your customer care is equipped with tools to resolve individual customer issues even during the first engagement.You can also identify clusters of poor customer experience and resolve those proactively.

First-line Resolution


Data for Technical Team

Performance History

Network Anomalies​

Discover network anomalies and opportunities​

Netradar AI algorithms detect challenging network anomalies not easily spotted through network statistics, e.g. areas with poor customer experience, coverage holes in both outdoor and indoor, app performance issues. These are turned into actionable insights!

Poor Customer Experience

* SLS (Service Level Score): Network capability to fulfill customer’s needs

Clusters with Poor Coverage

Poor Indoor Coverage

Subpar App Experience

Customer Churn​

Understand the real drivers of customer churn​

Cost aside, churn factors are complex and opaque. Netradar Suite can shine a light on many of the causes behind profit-draining user churn. Our unique performance data draws attention to the network issues that cause cancellations, even where network performance is faultless according to internal metrics. Netradar Suite also supplies the app insights that highlight to operators where and when network performance leads to users simply giving up.

Churners vs Non-Churners

Predict and Prevent Churn

Technical Drivers

Drivers Behind Churn?

Profit & Loss

Churn Impacts P&L

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