Netradar Space

Netradar Space

Netradar joined the European Space Agency Incubation Centre of Finland (ESA BIC) in the quest to build a solution that gathers GNSS satellite interference worldwide. The new module, the Netradar Space is an extension to our existing network monitoring solution and analytics: the Netradar Suite.

The challenge​

GNSS is critical and both civil and governmental users depend on them. Loss of GNSS positioning can lead to significant costs for many industries. GNSS is sensitive to interference: Interference can be caused by in-band emissions, near-band emissions, harmonics or malicious jamming (personal negligence or even governmental attack).​

Such interference can be

  • Static and happen in a given area, constantly making the area unreliable for positioning.
  • Dynamically for a shorter period.

Gaining knowledge of this interference is needed for rectifying the situation.

Our solution

Netradar already has built technology, based on Aalto University research, to collect mobile and WIFI network quality, and show these on maps and analytics of various sorts

Netradar joined ESA BIC Finland and has built an extension to the Netradar Suite to gather GNSS satellite interference. Currently working on collecting crowdsourced data:

  • Satellite IDs, signal strength, location and accuracy
  • Algorithms to find locations with suspiciously bad location accuracy with status quo
  • Export this knowledge as concrete maps and raw data