How Netradar Suite helps operators solve the app experience puzzle

Even where mobile network operators run the smoothest of networks users can still find their mobile experience frustrating. User frustration leads to user churn and network operators understandably want to get to grips with the reasons behind user attrition.
Yet doing so can be challenging as internal network metrics can often suggest that a network is delivering solid performance when the user experience is all but satisfactory.

Why users blame networks for troublesome app experiences

Modern network operators design resilient networks that usually cover most consumer use cases. Occasional glitches are nonetheless to be expected and in theory app developers should design apps in a manner that copes with network hiccups. Yet doing so is not always practical nor do app developers always try hard enough.
In reality it is essentially up to network operators to iron out as many kinks as possible because users may very well blame networks rather than app developers for problematic in-app experiences. It requires that network operators are utterly vigilant in countless areas, and to some extent operator’s internal metrics can help guide this process.
However internal metrics are just that – internal – and the experience a user has when using their mobile device may be very different. Operators also face the difficult task of balancing conflicting goals. Consider the battle between network investment and keeping costs low for users, for example. Internal metrics offer limited guidance in this respect and the wrong priorities can mean that users are left unhappy with how their apps perform while blaming their network provider for this failure.

Why users blame networks for troublesome app experiences

Netradar Suite collects data where it matters most to the user: the user’s own device. Operators that subscribe to Netradar Suite get a point of reference that is much closer to the user’s actual app experience. Netradar also supplies operators with the type of data that simply cannot be collected by standard operator metrics.
Netradar Suite supplies both a more realistic view of the user experience and a broader, more detailed view of what exactly it is that causes users to be unhappy with their in-app experience. We do so by collecting data beyond raw network performance. For example, Netradar Suite also provides insight into the most popular apps, which locations and times popular apps are in use and which apps users most frequently encounter problems with.Suite

Operators can use Netradar Suite to ensure a fluent in-app experience

With more information collected much closer to the user’s real app experience, indeed on the user’s own device, Netradar Suite provides network operators with unique insights that informs operational and investment decisions:

  • Popular apps
    Netradar Suite outlines which apps are most popular with users. With this knowledge operators can prioritise network investment and configuration to ensure the best in-app experience. Prioritising latency over bandwidth for example, or by adjusting their assumptions around most bandwidth-intensive hours of the day.
  • Location-based usage
    User behaviour varies depending on the location of the user and Netradar Suite can indicate to operators how and where users are making use of certain apps, and where users are encountering problems with specific services and apps. Cellular towers next to a large arena may experience peak bandwidth demands on certain days, for example.
  • Real network requirements
    Operators may have a certain view on the network capabilities required for a good in-app experience, but the real requirements posed by apps could be rather different. Netradar Suite outlines the exact bandwidth requirements of popular apps so operators can better plan for user demand.
  • Understand trends
    Mobile moves quickly but network investment is a much slower game. Using Netradar Suite operators can spot the types of apps that are growing in popularity. This enables operators to predict the demand on their networks and how rapidly this demand may change. In turn, operators can enjoy a first-mover advantage in satisfying user demand.
  • App experience
    Netradar Suite provides unique app experience data that operators cannot gather using typical internal metrics. Even where this data does not point to the source of a problem operators can at least understand that the customer experience is poor, flagging the problem for future investigation.

Operators could also use the data that Netradar collects to glean insight into the app experience on competitor platforms, useful for prioritising investment. Operators can identify gaps in service which provide an opportunity for competitive advantage.
In essence, Netradar Suite delivers a unique way of monitoring the user experience, providing insight above and beyond the technical performance of a network. Yes, operators must pay attention to their internal metrics but when it comes to retaining customers it is really the user’s app experience that counts.
Netradar Suite analytics are exactly that: user-focused. These user-centric data points give network operators the unique insights to identify unknown issues and to spot opportunities for competitive advantage, while also making it easier to prioritise network investment. By augmenting internal data with Netradar Suite data operators benefit from a unique and more complete app experience picture.

Netradar Suite

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