Netradar App

Download the Netradar cellular & Wi-Fi performance monitoring app if you need to know your signal strength and network performance.The app works seamlessly, and it runs in the phone background with very limited data and battery consumption.

Visually appealing spider graphs indicating your network performance for video, voice, music, gaming services and more.

Maps of your own network performance. Weekly historic performance of your networks and service level scores (SLS).

Realistic views about the performance of your networks. Are you getting the speed that you have been promised by your operator?

Netradar App Methodology

Measuring something, anything, typically gives you a result that applies to a specific case. Like a car, it will consume gasoline or electricity differently when you are driving in a city or a highway, or during or outside the rush hour.

The same applies to Internet connectivity. When you use an app to actively measure your connectivity speed, it will give you a result that applies to that specific location and point on time. The result might differ if you measure 5 minutes later or move by 50 meters.

Thus, in order to get a good understanding of your connectivity, whether it is your mobile provider or home WIFI and broadband, you would need to measure pretty much all the time.

Pressing a button to measure periodically or having some app that would measure automatically like every hour in the background would give more data. The unfortunate downsides are:

                • The measurements will consume a lot of data thus your mobile data plan might run out considerably faster
                • Constant measurements consume your battery
                • Measuring while you are not actually needing the network gives information you might not benefit from. Resources are wasted e.g. data and energy
                • Measuring top speeds give information about the network potential, but this is not tied to your personal needs and usage profile.

The Netradar technology, and app, were developed to solve these issues in common Internet measurements. The fundamental research stemmed from Aalto University to answer the below requests:

How to develop a measurement methodology that:

                • does not drain users’ data plan, 
                • consumes extremely little energy, 
                • gives a 24/7 view of the quality of the connectivity,
                • is tuned to different usage profiles,
                • can identify bottlenecks in the quality of the connectivity, and
                • does not have any bias on when/how/who uses it?

After three years of research and testing, the outcome is the Netradar technology that is at the heart of our Aalto University-based start-up.

The Netradar app is developed for consumers as a simple, yet extremely powerful, tool to constantly monitor the quality of the internet connectivity without draining your data plan, nor your battery power. The Netradar cellular & Wi-Fi performance app analyse your connectivity every time your apps need to transfer data. The app builds your own network usage profile and maintains a map of our personal network quality.

When you just want to know the current speed of your network connection or you want to have a mean to check if some of your app are not performing well or streaming services are slow. For those cases, the Netradar app also has a button you can push to test your network. Although you don’t need to press the button to get constant knowledge of the quality of your connectivity.