MWC24 Key Takeaways

First of all, thank you to all who contributed to the phenomenal success of Netradar at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona! Your participation, insights, and interest in our unique solution made this event truly exceptional. It was inspiring to see industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts come together to explore the forefront of AI-powered technology solutions.

Netradar participated at MWC 2024 in Barcelona in the Finland pavilion together with 20 other Finnish companies this year. The booth designed by Business Finland had individual stands for each company, a common area with tables and chairs, two meeting rooms designed to reflect the Finnish Sauna experience, and a coffee bar with a barista serving throughout the day. We hosted more than 50 companies in our stand to discuss their key challenges and if & how Netradar’s newly launched Analytics, Experience, and Care modules can help them solve these challenges. Netradar collects massive amounts of data from customers’ end-user devices via their own applications with a lightweight and privately deployed e2e system. The efficiency of independent and unbiased high-quality data collection with Netradar is unmatchable in the market. Netradar is well-positioned to help Network operators, Telecom regulators, and Private network providers with many use cases serving across their organizations, starting from end-user insights to AI-based root-cause analysis and troubleshooting to real-time customer ticketing.

In particular, with Network operators, we talked about understanding how connectivity services are perceived by their end-users, how network issues can be proactively addressed before impacting a large user base, and how real-time user complaints can be collected and acted upon to ensure seamless and improved user experience. And with Telecom regulators, we talked about use cases for the needs of compliance assurance, effective regulatory oversight on network quality, citizen’s network experience improvements, and feedback channel for poor network quality in real-time to help Telecom regulators excel in ensuring high-quality connectivity services for citizens and promoting fair competition between Network operators. We also discussed the importance of intelligent network analytics for connectivity vendors on SLA management, timely interventions on network problems, and streamlining customer care operations with real-time ticketing for Private network providers.

All in all, we listened and learned a lot from our customers and prospects. We received compliments on our new product modules which made us further motivated to continue developing the best-in-class technology solutions for them, as their trusted partner.

Due to our busy schedule in our meetings, we had no time to discover the MWC24 event, but we could say that there were main themes by many exhibitors around:

  • Focus on the future: Talks dominated the transition from 5G to 6G, with discussions on spectrum allocation and infrastructure development.
  • AI integration: Artificial intelligence (AI) was a major theme, with applications in network optimization, edge computing, and user experience enhancements.
  • Sustainability push: Companies emphasized eco-friendly solutions like energy-efficient networks and responsible material sourcing.
  • Innovation beyond smartphones: While new phones were present, the event showcased advancements in wearables, AR/VR technology, and even electric vehicles.

Are You On-Board?

Would you like to see a demo of our solution or learn more about the new AI-powered features? Book a meeting with our sales team.

Are You On-Board?

Would you like to see a demo of our solution or learn more about the new AI-powered features? Book a meeting with our sales team.

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