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Netradar conducted a study of most popular mobile apps on the Finnish Android market. The study analyzed which mobile applications are the most commonly installed in the consumer devices.


The top three most popular mobile applications came as no surprise. Google’s own Map, YouTube and browser Chrome are installed in almost all the Android phones, with over 95% penetration. The fourth most popular application, Drive, is for file backup and synchronization, also from Google. The tight integration with Android camera and photo storing is probably the reason behind the popularity.

WhatsApp is leading the instant messaging market being the fifth most popular app. The competitor, Facebook Messenger, is ranked tenth. It is the interesting that the WhatsApp is even more popular than the Facebook main application.

For multimedia consumption, there are YouTube, Yle Areena and Spotify in this order. YouTube is preinstalled in most Android phones thus the install ratio of almost 100% is no surprise. Yle Areena is Finnish Broadcasting Companys official and free to use video and audio application. About 70% of the Finnish Android devices in our study had the application. The third most popular multimedia application is Spotify and it is 8th place in popularity.

Interestingly Fonecta Caller is 9th most installed app and most installed in tools category. This free application allows users to get callers information when receiving a call. All of the ten most popular applications are free to download and use, however, the usage of Spotify is limited without a paid subscription.


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