How is data usage divided among end users?


There was just a news that Finns use the most mobile data in the world. The news talked about mobile data in general, more than 10 GB/month, from mobile devices and wireless broadband deployments (like homes that use a 4G router to get the house hold connected). What do the Netradar data sets tell us?

We analyzed mobile device users in Finland in November 2017. The average was in line with the other public reports, around 11.5GB. I was expecting a bit more differences, since we only looked at mobile devices (smart phones and tablets), while the other data was supposedly all mobile data – but our data tells the same story.

Then the question turned into, how is this divided among end users? Well, here is the data:

  • Average: 11.5 GB
  • Median: 2.8 GB
  • Maximum was several hundreds of GBs (many use mobile data as the only link to streaming content and TV, one GB is very roughly one hour of TV or movies)
  • The average corresponds to 78% of the users, so 22% use more than the average.
  • The more data hungry half of the users consumes about 23 times more data in total than the less hungry half of the users.
  • 5% of the most data hungry users consumes in total as much data as the other 95% of users

These numbers are quite logical since in Finland most users have unlimited data plans – some people use their subscription heavily, some don’t, and this will skew the usage naturally. Half of the users use less than 2.8 GB/month.

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