Study of the UK Mobile Market

A first look at the mobile networks in the United Kingdom At Netradar, we focus on understanding how mobile networks really work from the consumer’s

Bit rate doesn’t matter

A New Metric to Analyze Mobile Networks We always see comparisons of mobile and fixed networks and providers that are based on measuring top speeds.

From Data Paralysis to Actionable Insights

Gartner published in September 2015 a maturity model giving data and analytics leaders a way to identify the level of development their BI and analytics

Study of churn

Churn, aka people switching mobile operators, is a major challenge for the industry. As we all know, acquiring new customers is much more costly than

Need vs. availability around Europe

In a past post, we looked at the network performance around Europe, and how often it matches the needs of end users. Let’s add a

Most used mobile applications

Netradar conducted a study of most popular mobile apps on the Finnish Android market. The study analyzed which mobile applications are the most commonly installed

Bottlenecks for service delivery

We often see comparisons of top or average speeds available in various countries and different operators. Yet, what speeds do people actually need from the

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