Trends for App Developers 2019

Agile and DevOps have transformed software development forever. But is your business ready to respond to the next wave of opportunities? QA and testing have

The Rise of Contextual Analytics

  #MWC19 Upcoming Trends Behavioral Analytics can help your team to understand how users respond to your app and identify areas for improvement. But Contextual

Netradar Predictions for 2019

During the past year we at Netradar have been working with leading Telecom Operators, Regulators, Technology Vendors and Application Developers. Insights and observations arising from

Country Focus France, Italy & Spain

Comparison of France, Italy and Spain (Part 1) We recently compared Finland, Germany and the UK in a number of metrics. We now focus on our

Top mobile games: winner or loser?

Mobile gaming is a significant industry yet surprisingly fragmented. Global Games Market Report shows that mobile gaming industry accounts over 50% of gaming revenues. Moneywise

Why Behavioral Analytics is not Enough?

Behavioral Analytics is commonly used by app developers to track user journey within their product. By understanding this journey and reasons why certain actions were

wifi over cellular Netradar analitycs

Country Report Japan

A look at WIFI and cellular in Japan – an hourly study Netradar performed an analysis of some European countries a few weeks ago and

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