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Comparison of France, Italy and Spain (Part 1)

We recently compared Finland, Germany and the UK in a number of metrics. We now focus on our more southern friends, on the northern shore of the Mediterranean, France, Italy and Spain.

For starters, let’s look at how well the mobile and WIFI networks support the citizens. The graph below shows the Service Level Score, the percentage how often the networks give the users their needed bit rates. We can see that Spain has the highest score, over 75%, while France comes last. The story is similar for WIFI. Looks like Spaniards have a good thing going.


Let’s then look at speeds, what differences do we see there. The graph below shows the top speeds of the cellular network and top speeds of WIFI networks. In terms of top speeds, French consumers actually experience the fastest network and Italians come last. In terms of WIFI, Spanish WIFI services offer highest speeds on average, and French come last.

The next graphs show the real daily bit rate needed by consumers in cellular and WIFI networks. This reveals a bit of the reason and the behavior of consumers. French users are more demanding cellular users, their daily bit rate need is higher than in the two other countries. This shows that French consumers use cellular networks more than Italians or Spaniards. In Spain, people seem to offload more often heavier applications to WIFI, as their WIFI daily speeds are the highest, and French consumers have the lowest.

Finally, let’s see how these different citizens prefer cellular networks. The French are leading here, both in terms of used data and usage sessions. This means that French consumers use cellular networks much more eagerly and often than Spanish and Italian consumers. Even Italians are more often in cellular networks than Spaniards. For comparison, in Germany the percentage of cellular use our of all daily use of less than 20%.

In summary, we can say that French consumers seem to prefer WIFI much more than Spanish or Italian consumers. This also explains why the Service Level Score in France is the lowest, people use cellular networks more often and watch more videos, and therefore create a higher load. WIFIs in France have lower quality than in Spain or Italy. In terms of numbers, WIFI services in Spain really are better than in the neighboring countries.

In a future post, we will extend this analysis to daily hourly level, so see if there are differences between the citizens. Comments are welcome.

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