Top Android Devices in the UK – Does Screen Size Matter?

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Most used Android devices in cellular networks

In this report, we take a look at the mobile device market in the UK. We focus this time on cellular networks and list the devices that are the most popular, have the highest cellular data usage and that are used the most in video streaming applications.

The following list shows the twenty most popular device models. The list is highly Samsung-driven, ten most popular device models are Samsungs. Various statistics also confirm that Samsung is by far the market leader in the UK in Android-based devices.


Cellular data usage

Next, let’s look at data usage in cellular networks. As we have discussed in a past report, British consumers use cellular data very cautiously and offload most of their daily data usage to WIFI networks.

Here is the list of device models ranked by the median amount of cellular data used per month. We use median here because we see very huge consumption and some low ones, and calculating an average would distord the result considerably.

This list is much more interesting. Samsung does not dominate anymore, only a couple of Samsung models are on the list. Instead all OnePlus models make the list, which shows that owners of OnePlus models really like their devices and use them a lot in cellular networks. Google Pixel devices are also liked by their owners.


Finally, let’s discuss the use of streaming services over cellular. As video streaming consumes a lot of data, people refrain from watching them over cellular. Still, we can rank devices based on which models are used the most for heavy network activities where most of it comes from watching videos.

This list is a bit different than the median network data usage earlier. In general the list is populated with devices that have a better and larger screen, and in general are more modern. This is not that surprising since a better screen and faster platform will lead to a higher user experience. Several OnePlus models are on this list, too, even the older model 2.

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