Connecting customers to care

Connecting customers to care where it really matters: the user’s device

Customer care is a big issue for operators: happy customers deliver profits month after month, unhappy customers switch over to a competitor. Yet most customer support efforts rely on disconnected remote delivery channels, while also dealing with a mix of complex operational factors. Keeping customers happy is a tough task.

Netradar’s customer care solution for operators bridges the remote support gap, bringing operators right to the user’s device and removing the fog that surrounds the customer’s operating environment. Read on to see how Netradar can deliver better customer care outcomes – and improved customer retention.

The Netradar customer care solution for operators

The device used by a customer is an invaluable source of information when it comes to solving mobile customer care problems, but operators typically have little access to device-centric metrics. Netradar’s customer care solution addresses this problem by delivering customer care via an app installed on the user’s handset.

In doing so we harness data collected on the device to improve the chances that a customer issue will be resolved, and to reduce the time to resolution. In fact, with our customer care solution users can even solve some issues without the intervention of operators. We also provide comprehensive ticketing and issue tracking.

Typical customer care issues operators can solve with Netradar’s help

Without understanding a user’s operational conditions and usage patterns operators can find it difficult to quickly diagnose connectivity problems. With Netradar operators can look forward to rapidly diagnosing and solving a range of common customer issues:

  • Is it the Wi-Fi or is it the network?
    Users won’t always check whether they are currently using mobile data, or indeed a local Wi-Fi network before complaining to the operator. Netradar’s metrics can tell operators whether glitches occurred while a user was using third-party Wi-Fi. It can also help operators guide users on issues including Wi-Fi signal quality.
  • The user is under-resourced
    Your user may expect a smooth app experience but may not have the tools to ensure flawless Netflix streams. With Netradar’s solution operators can immediately recognise when a user has an old handset, or whether the user’s mobile plan is not sufficient for their usage patterns.
  • Network glitches
    The Netradar customer care solution draws on Netradar Suite data and can indicate to operators whether performance issues are due to problems with the operator’s network, including poor indoor coverage. Indeed, Netradar provides support insights based not just on data collected on the user’s own device, but also on aggregate data collected from thousands of users.
  • Device data settings
    Netradar can save operators from extensively questioning users about their device settings. At a glance, operators can see whether a device has a data usage cap set, whether mobile data is switched off altogether and indeed whether the user has enabled data roaming – or not.

In essence, Netradar collects the data that operators simply do not have access to when performing remote support. But how does this benefit operators who are keen to efficiently and effectively take care of customer concerns?

Benefits of the Netradar customer care environment

Operators that use the Netradar customer care solution have an inside view on a customer’s usage patterns and operational conditions. This removes the usual guesswork leading to a better experience for the customer:

  • Self-care is now practical
    What is even better than a successful support call? Users that use self-care to rapidly fix problems thanks to Netradar’s app-based recommendations. In fact, the customer support app from Netradar can pro-actively recommend solutions to common problems.

  • A quick resolution
    First-line support personnel will have access to better data thanks to Netradar, with a record of customer interaction plus detailed device-specific metrics. Netradar also provides recommendations on how to resolve issues, based on device metrics, so that first line support can act quickly.

  • Betters odds at resolution
    Some problems are tough to fix and where operators don’t have access to device-specific information customers may simply never see their problems resolved. Netradar provides the technical information that second line support personnel can use to make a detailed diagnosis, leading to the resolution of even the stickiest of problems.

By putting the operator closer to the source of the problem, the customer’s device, Netradar’s customer care solution provides the opportunity for a quick, effortless solution. Yet customer care efficiency does not come with a high price of entry.

How does Netradar customer care work?

Deploying the Netradar operator customer care solution is straight forward, no technical integration is required. We provide a user-friendly customer care app that collects data in the background, with the user’s permission of course. Any issues are logged into an operator-accessible ticketing system which operates alongside a network tracing dashboard that gives operator staff immediate insight into network conditions.

With customer privacy in mind, Netradar keeps all operator customer data separate, whether as private tables only for use by the operator or indeed as a fully private setup running on virtual machines in the operator’s data centre. Finally, in delivering support insights Netradar combines private operator data with the broad data collected by Netradar Suite to enable a uniquely efficient platform to resolve customer care concerns.

Insightful customer care for operators

There are many hard issues that operators struggle with when trying to resolve customer care problems. A lack of information about the customer’s environment is, however, a primary problem that can trip up even the most determined customer care team.

Netradar bridges the gap with our device-centric customer care solution. Interested in finding out exactly how Netradar customer care can transform your relationship with your customers? Get in touch and we will gladly discuss the key benefits of our device-centric customer care solution.

Netradar Suite

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