Why Behavioral Analytics is not Enough?


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Behavioral Analytics is commonly used by app developers to track user journey within their product. By understanding this journey and reasons why certain actions were taken by users, developer can optimize its product leading into increased customer satisfaction and improved sales performance (if this were to be an objective).

However, most of the applications do not work in a vacuum but run on a range of devices and demand proper connectivity from networks. If application developer purely focuses on in-app behavioral analytics some important elements will likely get omitted which might have fundamental impact on the app developer’s business.

And this is where Contextual Analytics comes into play.

There are four specific angles through which Contextual Analytics can be applied:

  1. Customer experience. How many of my users experience poor customer experience? Which factors have the biggest impact on this (poor cellular/wlan connectivity, limitations by end user device or simply the performance of the app)? How can I ensure excellent customer experience as I enter completely new markets with my products?
  2. Customer engagement: How engaged are users with my application compared to the overall use? Do my users exhibit any major patters in geographical usage, duration or frequency of the use?
  3. Churn: Which external factors (outside my own app) were the main contributors for user’s churn decision? 
  4. Usage context: Information on usage context (device, network, other applications)

You may ask if this contextual data and analytics is just nice to know information for application developers. Surely it is – unless one takes specific action to improve business performance – and there are surprisingly many things that app developer can do.

What developers can do?

Developers can optimize the code and content to match prevailing connectivity conditions. They can correct issues faced by the users of most common mobile device models. Alternatively, they can address customer engagement challenges by improving their value proposition for the users whose share of mind increasingly starts to drift to somewhere else than the app in question.

We at Netradar work with multiple application developers to automate collection this contextual data and ultimately help them to improve their business performance by leveraging Netradar’s Analytics Platform providing analytical tools as well as a ready to use Dashboard for in-house reporting.


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