Netradar App Analyzer

Netradar App Analyzer helps you solving possible users experience complaints such as  slow responsiveness, abnormal app behaviours and device compatibility. We will work together to improve your daily user experience.

app analyzer

What does Netradar App Analyzer provide?

User Experience Monitor​

Understand app responsiveness. Spot user experience failures. Debug the device, OS version, connectivity and region.

Engagement Analytics

Understand your user engagement. Spot the differences between fast churners from the committed users.

Devices Analyzer

Understand which devices and regions your app supports. Optimize your code and cloud content..

Connectivity Analyzer

Understand mobile & Wi-Fi connection quality and speeds worldwide to optimize your cloud content and code..

What you need to do?


Register for free and choose your plan depending on your company size on our website.


Download our client library and integrate it into your app to setup the Netradar App Analyzer into your app. 

Analyze your app

Within the next 24 hrs, you will start receiving data analytics of your own user base. Data includes app user experience, usage patterns, network performance and more.



<10K App users/month
  • Private Dashboard


<100K App users/month
39 Monthly
  • Private Dashboard
  • Technical Support


<500K App users/month
199 Monthly
  • Private Dashboard​
  • Technical Support
  • Business Support

Please note that the ‘FREE-tier account’ expires in one calendar year from registration date. When you acquire more than 10K users during the free 1 year period, we will contact you to move your membership plan. No further action is required from your side.

Using the app is free for less than 10K users

Get it for free to get some insights of your app