From Data Paralysis to Actionable Insights

Gartner published in September 2015 a maturity model giving data and analytics leaders a way to identify the level of development their BI and analytics initiative must reach in order to support enterprise goals (

Since this publication, I have come across multiple organizations who suffer what I would call – data paralysis. Raw data pours in from multiple sources and organizations are overwhelmed with their limited resources to process all of this, let alone producing actionable insights which drive improvements in key business processes. Furthermore, many of these insights are inside-out rather than outside-in (

There are alternatives to move forward from this data paralysis:

  1. Just get on with it. Stop your search for a perfect structure of mapping all data sources, requirements of all organizational stake holders and tools required to process this vast amount of data. Instead, proceed with small steps – one insight at a time – making it actionable – implementing it – and seeing its impact on your business. Then move on to the next insight.
  2. Go back to basics. What are your key revenue drivers? Which factors drive your OPEX? How are your CAPEX decisions made? How does my organization make a difference in a very competitive market place? Start by picking one of these topics – by drilling down further you can easily identify areas giving you the much-required focus for your big data and analytics efforts.
  3. Identify pain points. Some of the organizational pain points are temporary in nature but others require systematic approach to tackle them. One of these pain points can set you a very clear objective for seeking insights.

We at Netradar are passionate in building outside-in insights for key stake holders in telecommunications industry. We strongly believe in moving forward one step at a time – one actionable insight is more valuable than thousand in organizational plans.

Next week, Netradar is participating at Mobile World Congress (MWC2018) in Barcelona. Should you want to meet us up there in person, do get in touch with me at or +358 44 551 4400.

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