5G for the consumers, do we need it yet? part 2

mobile browsing 5G

In the previous post on 5G read it here Part 1 we have seen that:

  1. Consumers’ real needs for download bit rates are rather moderate
  2. Even these are not fully served, in the range 20-30% nationwide (we compared Finland and the UK) people experience network slow down to their Internet use over mobile. 
  3. Availability of 4G is in the range of 72-87% in many developed countries
  4. Even over pure 4G, people are not served much better, some 2% better on average only.


To understand the situation even better, we can divide any country into map tiles and perform analysis on a geographic coverage and capacity of cellular service.

Here is a histogram of map tiles for Finland where we count the number of map tiles in cellular 4G having a certain Service Level Score (SLS), the probability of being fully served by the network. The most typical case for the SLS is around 84%, so quite good. We could claim that areas having a SLS of 80% or higher is a good result and there is enough capacity in the 4G service to offer a good service to customers. 

However, anything on left side of the figure points to locations that have very poor capacity to serve customers. These are the locations that would be needing 5G the most – and there are plenty of those in Finland, around 53% of the area covered by 4G has lower than 80% SLS.

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