We provide tools and data to address your connectivity needs.


  • Do you know  what is your competitive position within your country?
  • Do you know what your customers think of your services?
  • Do you know what are the typical usage patterns? data usage, geo-location?
  • How do you proactively identify problems that require detailed troubleshooting?

App Developers

  • Do you know how your app performs? 
  • Is your app too slow?
  • Are your uninstalls higher than installs?
  • Are you experiencing many negative reviews?
  • Are your customers happy of your app performance?
  • Do you know when and where your customers experience slowdowns?


  • Would you like to know who is the best operator in your city?
  • Have you checked what is the speed of your network yet?
  • Is Wi-Fi coverage better than 4G?
  • Who is the best operator in the area where you will be moving?
  • Are there any good operators next to your office?
  • Download our Android App to enjoy all the above features!

Netradar Mobile Application

Available on Google Play Store for Android, the Netradar Quality & Speed Test App, helps you in your every day decisions on which operator is best in your area.

Don´t forget to test your network to better understand where to have best cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Download now:

Netradar Mobile App


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